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Shameless Weekend

Feb 25 – April 3⁠. Opening Reception Feb 27 (Saturday) 3-6pm⁠
Featuring the work of six talented artists focused on systemic issues around the body, gender and sexual liberation: ⁠

Genevieve Goffman @eurotrashjuggalette⁠ // Tisch Mikhail Lewis @tischmikhaillewis⁠ // Deja Patterson @artofdejapatterson⁠ Audrey Ryan @audrey_ryan_⁠ // Sal Salandra @salandra_thread_art_paintings

Each figure in Shameless Weekend turns the body into an instrument of liberation — sexual or political. Bodies are sites of action and resistance. The body is also a site for vibrant celebration. The artists of Shameless Weekend revel in sexual and bodily freedom through relationships forged in the kink and queer community whilst turning a critical eye toward dominant cultural perceptions of sexual expression. These artists are sincere. Their work might flirt with comedy and cynicism but ultimately they probe social mechanisms of shame and power openly and vulnerably. ⁠

With their work, the artists of Shameless Weekend make alternative ways of being shamelessly visible. There are loving, playful, awkward and sexy works, all unabashedly claiming space and breaking the narrative of homogeneous ideal bodies and sexualities

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